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is apprenticeship for me?

Are you passionate about the digital industry? Do you want to get paid to develop your skills while you learn, rather than going to university? Then we think you may just love the chance to become an apprentice.

As the digital world is always changing, it's hard to jump into a career once you've graduated. If you decide to do an apprenticeship instead, you'll be able to learn up-to-date skills that employers are looking for, and you won't have any debt hanging over your head for years to come.

If you're passionate about getting a job in the digital industry, willing to work hard, and want to carve out a long-lasting career, then an apprenticeship is for you. We want to make your Digital Future a reality.

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the learning environment

Whether you're passionate about social media, copywriting, SEO, marketing, analytics, or account management, we'll match you with the right company that will develop your skills. You'll work for them four days a week and build up your experience and digital portfolio so that you can map out a bright future.

For one day each week you'll spend it at Digital Futures HQ with our Industry Experts. They'll help mould your skills further and teach you everything there is to know about your chosen career. So after 12 months you end up with a qualification and the skills needed to make a big impact in the digital world.

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what's expected

If you're up for the challenge then you can expect plenty of learning, coaching and experience. Our course is dynamic meaning your learning will evolve as the industry does. And by the time you finish, you'll end up with an Advanced or Higher level qualification that's equivalent to 2 A Levels of a Foundation degree.

You'll start with a two week 'Your Digital Future' boot camp, and then we'll get you straight into a workplace for four days a week, earning real money. One day a week will be spent with our Industry Experts who will develop your skills further.

We can promise the best Apple kit to work on, a career mentor who will be there to assist you throughout, freebies such as tech gadgets, shopping vouchers and experience days, plus membership to the exclusive Digital Futures Club!

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