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Digital Futures Apprentices Visit AnalogFolk

19/07/2016 Sophie

Over the last two weeks, our July cohort of Digital Futures Apprentices have been busy in Bootcamp, creating brands, marketing and social media campaigns and visiting different companies to get a feel for life at work! On Friday we took them to AnalogFolk to get a feel for a digital agency.

We were introduced to Heiko Winter who then presented to us his journey from education to working as a designer/creative at AnalogFolk. He started off with an internship in an advertising agency before beginning his further education in Graphic Design. He explained that whilst he was studying Graphic Design, he was working freelance for a festival, creating branding and flyers. He then went on to work for Saatchi & Saatchi in Frankfurt, also whilst studying.

Throughout the presentation, there was a strong emphasis on the importance of working whilst studying and documenting every experience and connection to build a portfolio. By the end of Heiko’s studies, he had a comprehensive portfolio to kick start his career. He also advised that whilst studying is the best time to try out different areas, from small agencies to large agencies, to get a feel for where you could see yourself.

Heiko moved from Frankfurt to London to study and work simultaneously and found himself returning after he finished his studies, for the creativity and inspiration he found in London. He also explained that the transition of moving abroad can be quite tricky, especially with job titles not meaning the same everywhere. Always ask the company what the role will entail before taking it on!

The session then opened up to a Q&A, in which some of our apprentices asked some very interesting questions:

Dom: “Do you ever get given briefs with no restrictions, with the freedom to create what you want?”

Answer: “Sometimes on pitch’s we get freedom but often aspects will be given to us, for example on the Lucozade campaign, the colours were provided. It really depends on the project. Dulux was a rare one. The brief basically was to create the ugliest website possible, which the designers loved as we could use our own ideas.”

Gracey: “How did you find it working at a agency like Saatchi & Saatchi?”

Answer: “It was a great experience and I was exposed to a lot of culture within both the Frankfurt and London agency. I made a lot of good contacts.”

Natalie: “When AnalogFolk started up, how did they get clients and have you ever been quiet?”

Answer: “Most agencies when starting out have one client that someone has worked closely with before. From there, you rely on that client to recommend you and other connections you have to build from there. You may pitch to big share holders too.”

Harry: “What tips do you have for us starting our digital careers on Monday?”

Answer: “Try out as much as you can, so ask to be shown what goes on in each departments and ask lots of questions, especially if your not sure exactly what you want to do. You should take you time to pick which route you want to go down and to reflect on where your strongest skills have shown through. Test the waters and be curious, you are still young! Remember, ask lots of questions, make connections, make time for 121’s and be enthusiastic.”

After the presentation and Q&A session, we were giving a tour around AnalogFolk’s office space, which really interested the apprentices. Gracey told our ‘tour guide’ that she ‘loves the interior design’ and was particularly pleased when she got some colourful jelly beans on the way out!