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Digital Futures Apprentices Visit LinkedIn’s HQ

18/07/2016 Sophie

Over the last two weeks, our July cohort of Digital Futures Apprentices have been busy in Bootcamp, creating brands, marketing and social media campaigns and visiting different companies to get a feel for life at work! On Wednesday we took them to LinkedIn headquarters in London to tell them what LinkedIn is and they can use their new accounts. In the Hogwarts themed room of LinkedIn, the apprentices received a presentation by Dane Adams, one of the Account Directors.

The session kicked off with an introduction to LinkedIn, where our apprentices learnt that Reid Hoffman started LinkedIn in 2003. They were amazed to find out that the UK currently has roughly 20 million members and is growing by two new members every second.
The next topic of the presentation was to teach our apprentices how to create their profiles and make them rock. They were taught about the professional nature of the social media channel and therefore the need for an appropriate photo and how important a stand out headline is. Dane described the perfect profile summary to be like an elevator pitch; they should be able to sell themselves in a lift journey to anyone. He did go on to explain how the ability to do this comes with time and isn’t always easy to do, so our apprentices could breathe again!

Also expressed to the apprentices was the need to constantly update their profiles in order to gain endorsements, with experience’s, recommendations and work they have done - a bit like a portfolio. The apprentices went away excited to upload their presentations and videos from Bootcamp to their profiles.

It was great to see our apprentices get excited about the following section of the talk, where they were shown how to connect with fellow students, their employers and the team here at Digital Futures. This generation are used to building relationships with people over social media and therefore came easy to them. Dane also showed them how to join groups relevant to them and keep in touch through networks, and how this would increase their visibility.

The apprentices also learnt how to find internships and jobs on LinkedIn following their apprenticeships this year. Tim, our Bootcamp coach, also suggested that during their apprenticeships they should use LinkedIn to follow and research the companies they are going into and see what their employers’ competitors do too.

It was really great to see our Digital Futures Apprentices getting stuck in and asking questions during the practical session. I personally, as someone who has used LinkedIn for a while now, found the session very interesting and feel I learnt a lot. A few of our apprentices wanted to share how they found the experience;

“I feel so privileged to of had the opportunity of visiting LinkedIn London. I took on so much great tips from our Guest Speaker, Dane. LinkedIn is something I never really considered as a social platform before but is something I find a necessity to engage with other people in our industry.”
Livi, Apprentice at Blue 449