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My Experience at Techmix digital careers show

05/10/2016 Lee

Techmix Your Digital Future

It is nearly a week after the UK’s largest digital careers show so I thought I would report back on how the day went.

Getting set up

The event took place at Stamford Bridge where i arrived at 8:15am along with Dom and Lee, this then gave us 45 minutes to set up the stand for the day ahead. 9 O’clock came and the doors opened and the room became flooded full with hundreds of students all looking for Apprenticeships, Universities, colleges and future employers.

New Experience

As it was only my second day at Digital Futures, this was a very new experience to me so the day started off with me shadowing and listening to Dom and Lee talking to the students and employers about who we are, what we do and trying to generate as much interest as possible. For the most part of the morning I just listened so I could hear the types of questions Lee and Dom asked and answered. In the afternoon Lee had to leave to get back to work so that left just Dom and I, so I now had a lot of responsibility on my hands, because the booth started gathering more and more people therefore I had to engage with students and employers. After listening this morning I felt comfortable and at ease doing this. I did know at all times that if I did struggle for an answer I always had Dom there at hand to take over so there wasn’t tons of pressure on myself and by the end of the day I was able to talk to students and people visiting our booth without any assistance.

The Day

Throughout the day I was asked all different types of questions about Digital Futures including what does the apprenticeship offer?, What do I get out of doing an apprenticeship? and what different types of apprenticeships are there? I was then able to answer these questions sufficiently and without any hesitation. I feel as the day went on I was learning more and more myself about the business also improving on my communication skills. At times was putting myself in the students shoes to get the most out of the answers and fully understanding what Lee and Dom were saying from others perspective.
The day was very successful as lots of students signed up to Digital Futures and sounded very interested in what we do. We also exchanged details with many potential future employers who also sounded really interested in what we do and we took down many emails from various different companies who will hopefully come on board.


I feel like the day helped me to build my confidence and knowledge of Digital Futures and also helped me grow as a person which will help me in my longer term career.

Lauren Wilkins

Digital Futures Intern