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My First month as an apprentice

19/09/2016 Lee

It’s been nearly two months since I started my role as a Social Media Apprentice at Digital Futures, so I thought I would write up how I have found it.

College is a distant memory

Just a few months ago I was studying at sixth form and finishing up my coursework and now i’m working full time, earning a salary! I had no time off between college and work. It was literally on the Friday I finished sixth form and then the following Monday I started on the Digital Futures bootcamp.

All about Bootcamp

I really enjoyed Boot Camp, it was so different to anything I had done before and allowed me to learn more about the requirements of working, as well getting to meet the rest of the Apprentices that I would be studying with one day a week.

Bootcamp taught me skills around managing expectations, the advertising industry and how to work effectively in groups, whilst we also go the opportunity to visit LinkedIn, ITV, Sapient and AnalogFolk. Visiting the different businesses and understanding the work they do really helped me to better comprehend the marketplace that I was joining. We all felt massively privileged to have these great companies and their staff giving up their time to spend with us Apprentices.

Getting started

My first eight weeks as an apprentice have been a massive jump up for me in terms of responsibility, but that’s not to say it hasn’t been great. In fact the challenge of taking on real responsibilities, in a real job dealing with real clients has been amazing.

I joined right in the middle of annual leave season and this meant that a lot of my colleagues have been in and out of the office, increasing the need for me to be autonomous and deliver on the requirements of my team. The need to communicate remotely with my managers is something that is new to me and it’s really interesting to see how businesses run and maintain consistency in the holiday season. Communication has proven to be the bedrock of the company I work in and i’ve developed significantly in this area in a really short period of time.

Busy, busy, busy

One of the things I have particularly enjoyed is that I have constantly had work and I am always busy! This means that I am constantly learning and developing my professional skills and I have real responsibilities to meet. Everyone is really supportive and I have the ear of two managers to ask any questions of, if I feel overwhelmed, or if I don’t understand something.

In my role I am in charge of two brands and their social output, meaning I control what is being posted and this has allowed me to put my own spin on these platforms, which I am developing over time. Not only am I doing the social for Digital Futures, I also work with another company called Totally Ballsy Content. For one I am talking about apprenticeships and for the other it’s all about real time marketing, which is so intriguing. So every day is different and i’m progressing my skill set and knowledge on an ongoing basis.

Lastly even though I am only a few months into my apprenticeship this is something i would recommend to anyone. If you have a passion for the digital industry, then what are you waiting for? The opportunities that I have been given have been amazing, since the first day. I've experienced so many different scenarios and met so many talented people along the way. And this is only the start. I can’t wait to continue my journey and see where it leads me to.

Lee Harris

Social Media Apprentice