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My time at Plan It Day

03/10/2016 Lee

Plan it day

I attended The Drums ‘Plan It Day’ on Thursday 29th September where they aim to improve the world and make it a better place. They do this by inviting companies and they give all different types of challenges to people who are in the digital industry, to come up with a solution.

The day started off with a motivational and inspirational talk by Shed Simove. Shed is an entrepreneur who is incredibly successful, he has created many novelty products by twisting an idea such as the iPood, not so Smart Watch™,in case of emojincy, count spatula,the blank book, the iNotePad, sound machines, 'hide your identity' specs.

Getting Started

Everyone was then put into their teams and had a briefing about what their challenge was about from the person who was the creator of the idea. This was the team's opportunity to gather as much information about the challenge and company as possible and to ask any questions they may have. Digital Futures challenge was to place 100 young adults who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) into a digital work based opportunity in a day. The teams were made up of all different people from different walks of life, they put all of their experience together to create the best possible idea for their challenge.

Finishing Touches

After lunch there was another motivational speech from Gerry Farrell who gave advice to the teams about the best ways for them to deliver their pitch. Gerry showed the teams what other, larger companies have done to increase their sales and develop their business. The teams were then given a final half an hour to take on board the advice Gerry gave and to improve their ideas and pitches.


The time had arrived for the teams to deliver their pitches to their challenger. This is the moment they had been working for all day. One by one each team shared their ideas and tried to convince the challenger that their idea was the best solution for the challenge.

Last Stage

Once all of the teams had delivered their pitches the challengers had the tough job of deciding on a winner for their idea to be developed and happen on Do It Day. After an intense wait for the teams it was time for the challengers to reveal who were the winners. The challengers went up on to the stage to announce the winner and their reasons for their decision.
The winning team for digital futures had the idea of putting 100 young adults who aren’t in employment on a double decker bus and driving around London to companies to employ the young adults. This team now have a few weeks until Do It Day to work with Digital Futures to make their idea happen and be successful.

Lauren Wilkins
Digital Futures Intern