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Prospects with Pizza

17/11/2016 Lee

‘Prospects with Pizza’
Digital Futures Apprentice Alex Parchment shares his experience of The Drums’ ‘Do it Day’.

After fuelling up on Croissants and Coffee that had been kindly provided to us by Digital Futures, myself and a bunch of buzzing Apprentices climbed aboard the quirky and colourful ‘Talent Bus’. Much like the industry we affiliated ourselves with we were eager to market ourselves to four renowned agencies: Edelman, AnalogFolk, Iris and Kantar + TNS. Each one was synonymous with prestigious brands and we were all looking forward to gaining a closer insight into the businesses.


Our first stop was at Edelman which at first glance, could merely be viewed as a PR Company. However after rotating around a clutch of employees from different departments, I walked away from their office with a deeper understanding of why a much researched audience should engage with a brand's content. We had some fun playing with a HTC Virtual Reality Headset (which won’t be the last VR experience of the day) and attentively listened to the process of how the creative team resolved problems and briefs.


Our second stop was AnalogFolk in Clerkenwell and the structure of the visit was much different. Rather than rotating around a small number of staff members, the employees and the apprentices were spontaneously grouped together to have two minute conversations, after which we would be reshuffled. For one minute an Apprentice would explain what they’re currently doing and for the other minute the employee would explain what they’re working on and what they aim to get achieved by the end of the day. The session was fast paced, with everyone conscious of being concise with their explanations, as well as trying to squeeze in time to pet the office dog! At the end, the Managing Director Ete Davis, shared some sage advice with us on the bus before we had Pizza for lunch.


After regrouping with some of the folks from The Drum, we were warmly welcomed into Iris’ Offices. Once a swift introduction was completed, we were given a tour of all the eclectic campaigns that showcased why they’re one of the top agencies around. Their campaigns with Samsung ft. Years and Years, Ferrari's interactive garage, the herculean advertising campaign with Speedo based around the 2016 Rio Olympics (and that’s just naming a few!) left us breathless at the scale and creativity put into each and every campaign. Later on, we were treated to another Virtual Reality experience doing some 3D painting before rushing back onto the bus for our final visit.

Kantar + TNS

With the sun setting, we entered the last agency of the day. Kantar were different from the others in that they specialised in research and analysis, a point that was made distinctly clear in the presentation we were given. After that, the staff and apprentices introduced each other in the same way we did at Analogfolk; using the same ‘speed date’ type structure. The aim of the exercise was for Apprentices to understand more about the day-to-day life of someone working in marketing/advertising and for employees to gauge what apprentices are like.

Our final stop on the Talent Bus was the IBM Headquarters where we were treated to a small after party. Once we finished mingling we all headed home, hoping that for all the insight these employers had given us, we had demonstrated that apprentices are worth investing in. If you get a chance to attend an event like this, I implore you to go and hopefully you can #MeetYourFuture.