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Craig Harries
Craig Harries

I have been a client, a suit, a lecturer, a DJ and a bus driver, but for the last 15 years I have been a Brand Strategist.

I made BMW’s more appealing to Audi drivers by focusing on the feelings you get when you drive a BMW rather than what’s under the bonnet, and I rebuilt faith in Northern Rock (the most broken brand in banking) by getting their millions of happy customers to do the talking for them.

I turned Churchill into the fastest growing insurance brand by turning the process from a drag into a personal challenge to get a better deal, and I turned an ugly small Mercedes with ingeniously an abundance of space into the newest expression of luxury.

I got Americans to share real and meaningful experiences with a Coke, and repositioned Fanta across the world as the drink for the times when you want to feel orange.

I made Marriott hotels more attractive to young professionals by offering a seamless experience that was in synchronicity with them.

I re-defined the restaurant chain Nando’s as an entertainment brand to appeal to open up the brief and turn it into a social brand, and restored Callaway as the leading golf brand in Europe by driving and owning the debates that will define the future of the sport.

I’ve worked with clients in the UK and Europe, Hong Kong, China and throughout Asia, and in North America, and right now I’m a Strategist for Oliver Marketing pioneering a new agency model for clients ranging from BMW, AXA, and JP Morgan.

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