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Ajmal Issimdar
Ajmal Issimdar
You need the edits, I’ve got the passion, send me a JPEG, nothings too drastic for Mr. Fantastic, let’s make it happen.

Ajmal is a patient and well presented individual. His interest in the creative industry started off as a hobby. He would edit pictures and write creative documents for his friends. This gained him an insight to Photoshop and basic software.He is looking for an apprenticeship to help him learn and gain more knowledge about media.

Ajmal currently works for LCL Express. He started off conducting outbound cold calls until he managed to work his way to a Marketing Assistant. This role exposed him to create and develop marketing plans on social media, blogs, brochures and websites. This has given him experience in customer service, sales, marketing and media.

In Ajmal spare time, he loves to make movies on his iPhone and edit them on Sony Vegas. He actively goes to the gym. He would be suited to a marketing or social media department that can develop her skills in creativity.

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