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Alex Hagley
Alex Hagley
People say they have a keen eye for detail, I have a keen eye for perfection. One of a kind because seriously who has grey hair at my age.

Alex is a bright young guy with a strong academic application, that saw him attain 10 GCSE's including Maths and ICT at A* level. Complimenting this Alex also completed A and AS Levels in Business Studies and ICT, with a focus on databases and project management.

By his own admission, Alex has a meticulous attention to detail and is a super quick learner when it comes to software. He is fluent in Microsoft Office, particularly MS Project and Excel.

Alex is a hard worker, currently putting in a lot of shifts at a fast food restaurant, whilst he searches for a full time position within the communications industry.

In an ideal world, we would see Alex working in an analytical role, one which would suit his personal interests and skills in data manipulation, tabulation and insights.

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