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Ameer Wahid
Ameer Wahid
I am creative, loyal and loving guy, just like a creative labrador puppy.

Ameer is a quiet, considerate young man that has a subtle and yet brilliant sense of humour. It’s hard not to warm to him and see the ability he has, despite him not being as in your face as some other personalities. This was well demonstrated when he studied for his business B-TECH and received a triple distinction. A real techy, Ameer spends much of his time keeping up with the latest technological advances across phones, computers and gaming.

As well as being on top of the relevant websites, blogs and online chatter about technology and the latest advancements Ameer has a strong presence on social media, is very efficient across the Microsoft Office suite and has had good experience using Photoshop.

Ameer is a bright and astute individual who listens and takes on board what he is told. I advised him on some CV alterations and he went away and implemented all of them without having to ask again or seek clarification. I genuinely believe he will succeed and like him as a person, I am confident you will too.

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