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Angelica Williams
Angelica Williams
Musical designer, characters in games, coding, shift and share creative. Technology is the future.​

Angelica has had a growing interest in technology and production from a young age, she is both creative and technically proficient. Her creative streak comes from studying graphics in school and her technical experience in digital from her college learning; studying IT, Media and Gaming production.

Angelica has knowledge around various platforms, learnt through education and teaching herself through online courses. With a keen interest in gaming production, Angelica taught herself to work around Javascript to enable her to code, she also has knowledge of Unity and Blender, programmes that allow her to design characters as well as Scratch which can be used to produce and publish games. To add to her skill set, Angelica has basic knowledge of Flash, Word and Photoshop for image editing. She is experienced using Tumblr, which she uses to showcase some of her work and regularly uses Instagram and Snapchat, with occasional use of Twitter and Facebook.

Angelica would suit a role in a creative or a technical environment within digital media. She is organised and methodical, even when filing her own work and setting her own deadlines. Both self motivation and determination are key personality traits of Angelica’s meaning that she will work hard and develop in whatever role she does, an apprenticeship will give her the opportunity to continue learning and put things in to practice in a commercial environment which she sees as a huge benefit because she is so eager to learn and develop.

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