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Anthony Hidlebrand
Anthony Hidlebrand
​Logical human thinktank. discovery requires experimentation, Eager to expand my horizons, a metalhead, doing digital hard and heavy.

Anthony is a smart guy with a real interest in media and has already racked up some relevant work experience in digital marketing and analytics at VIA Our Agency, and Despark. He’s been involved in Social Media and analysis and this is something he’d like to continue in his next role.

As well as some decent GCSEs, he’s gone on to take some courses related to social media which have enabled him to get involved with different aspects of social media analysis and marketing (Google Analytics, various web CMS, Facebook Insights and Microsoft Excel).

Anthony is hardworking and has a real interest in how content is distributed, curated and analysed and though a little reserved, I found him to really come out of his shell and display some of the confidence that enabled him to secure his previous internships. I think he’d be a great addition to the team and someone who is committed to his career in the digital industry.

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