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Ayesha Natha
Ayesha Natha
Seeing the digital world through a 15mm lens. Detailed and full of excitement, ready to take it one pixel at a time.

Ayesha instantly comes across as a confident and bright individual. From just a few minutes of talking to her, Ayesha’s warm friendly personality and enthusiastic work ethic shines through. With 3 A-levels in Graphic Design, Photography and Business, on top of 8 GCSE’s grades A-C which, it’s clear that she can apply herself.

In compliment of her academics Ayesha also shows self motivation having worked on a part time basis designing leaflets for events and creating presentations. Her creative flair is also spurred on through her own painting, confirmed by a small personal business she runs offering calligraphy custom made canvasses in either English, or Arabic!

A motivated and selfless character is evident through the additional volunteer work she does for charities including; Human Appeal and Charity Right. Her input included events support, photography and logos design.

In her spare time Ayesha enjoys traveling, so that she can learn about and explore different cultures. During her travels she likes to develop her photography skills by capturing architecture and nature shots, as well as trying out new experiences, that are out of her comfort zone, such as parasailing and jet skiing!

With her studies, business ambition and personal drive, she would be an great asset to any team looking for a creative content focussed individual. She has extensive experience in all adobe packages and social media channels. If you are looking for a designing social entrepreneur - Ayesha would be just the ticket!

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