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Bethany Kempster
Bethany Kempster
​Competitive, cultured and visual. They say left handed people can’t be both creative and logical, I guess that makes me an outlier.

In a short space of time Beth has already achieved and learnt a vast amount. She’s a charismatic and hardworking apprentice to be, who’s sheer determination and attitude is one of the best I’ve seen. Beth’s creative and intelligent individual who understands how to use her knowledge in a commercial context.

Beth was a high performer at school, with 11 GCSEs and 4 AS levels. Outside of education Beth was busying writing her own blog to promote her photography - this lead to the growth of many skills. She taught herself HTML, CSS and JavaScript to help promote her blog. Once Beth mastered these, she sold her coding services to other bloggers and invested the money back into paid media for her own blog. This is where she developed her SEO and paid media experience, increasing her traffic to 20k+ views and gained thousands of followers on social media.

Beth’s a well-rounded young adult, having taken the time out to travel over 2016 and expand her photography portfolio. She’s destined to achieve great things in her career and is now looking to start kick her career off with an apprenticeship. Ideally this would be working within a creative environment where she can use and expand on her current skills.

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