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Billy Froud
Billy Froud
​Footballer, cyclist, photographer but not all at once. I work to succeed and I live to achieve whilst offering a helping hand to anyone that needs it.

Billy is a highly motivated and talented young adult. He is enthusiastic and not afraid to express his ideas and opinions. After completing a Level 2 BTEC in Media, he made the decision to further his career prospects by pursuing an apprenticeship in the Digital and Creative industry.

Billy has a great love for football however, after an injury, he had to take a break from his favourite sport. As a strong team supporter he discovered sport photography where he could follow his team and photograph them in action. This is where he gained his passion for photography and learned photoshop skills.

Billy developed an interest in branding and web designing through work experience at his fathers construction business. This is where he realised his interest in Marketing as he loved the process of his ideas developing into a final product. He enjoyed the process of creating and planning a website and how to get it recognised and finding the right market niche using SEO.

Billy is a charming and dedicated apprentice who would be an excellent addition within a Marketing, Social Media department or a Content agency.

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