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Brolin Zinga
Brolin Zinga
I'm a performer who doesn't get nervous at situations. I stand alone in my originality and personality.

Brolin is an extremely passionate, determined and creative individual. His mind works very creatively and is constantly coming up with innovative ideas to create value in the market place he wants to succeed in. In 2014 he worked on a grocers event in which led a pitch to sell his own product. Working collaboratively with a team in order to come up with a pitch, in which he presented back to high end individuals to persuade them his product was worth pitching. He possesses fantastic project management skills as he has planned events from scratch and led projects in which he has entered voluntarily.

As well as his passion for the digital world, he’s also turned his hand to acting attending drama school and playing a big part in the play Romeo and Juliet. As well as using his skillset practically, he is also extremely academic achieving A-B’s in his GCSE’s and gaining good grades in his Media and Drama A-levels.

When I met Brolin for 45 minutes, I was blown away with his passion for life and his aspirations to change the lives of millions in his work. He came to the interview with a whole book of ideas he has created himself. If you’re looking for someone who is extremely motivated and willing to give 110% to achieve his goals, you must hire Brolin.

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