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Callam Mark
Callam Mark

A one man cerebral machine, with an abundance of creative and a hunger to innovate with design. A keen eye for forging inventive ways to leave my digital footprint on this world.

Callum instantly come across as a confident and openminded individual. He is enthusiastic and is not afraid to express his ideas and opinions. He went to the University of Westminster to study Architectural Technology, but soon realised that this was not the path he wanted to pursue.
Callum studied BTEC Engineering at Royal Greenwich. Here, he was introduced to Rivid Design,Photoshop, Adobe and Indesign.

He is passionate about social media and mainly focusses on Instagram and Twitter. His extortinate following gained him recognition from numerous brands to promote their products on his accounts.

Callum is passionate about creative content writing. In his spare time he likes to create and write comics and play sports. Callum is looking for a position where he can learn and develop his skills. He would be an excellent addition within a social media department or a creative content agency.

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