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Chloe Talbot
Chloe Talbot
I'm on an adventure to broaden my horizons equipped unconventional creativity and a dazzling smile.

Chloe is a very genuine and passionate individual that clearly has a real desire to join this industry and has a natural aptitude for the digital space. Fascinated by how digital the world is becoming, she is a big user of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and is very much focused on the dialogue and interaction those platforms create. Starting 6th form studying music, textiles and media, there was a constant push towards university from her teachers and like many this just wasn’t the route she wanted to take. As you can see from her chosen subjects, Chloe is naturally creative and that is something that is evident when talking to her. She plays the piano, writes music and constantly draws both sketching and digitally on a tablet. With the latter, she uploads her digital drawings to an art sharing platform where people can comment, critique and advise. Knowing that university wasn’t the path for her, Chloe stepped away from 6th form and went into hairdressing as it gave her a creative outlet and provided her with a skill she could always fall back on. As mentioned though, Chloe is passionate about all things digital and creative and so still has a longing to make that her career.

Having met Chloe and talked through her skills, I believe she would be perfectly suited to a role in creative design, social media management or creating content for websites. Despite having the safety net of her skilled trade, Chloe is willing to take a step into the unknown and attempt to break into this industry which shows determination, courage and desire. Certainly traits that I would look for in an apprentice joining my business.

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