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Eliot Brittain
Eliot Brittain
Creator of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing things. Behind the lens, on screen and on paper​.

Eliot is a confident, bright and passionate individual with aspirations of making a name for herself within the fashion, publishing or creative industries. Having excelled academically at Highgate Wood Arts College, Eliot had the opportunity to embark on a placement with LOOK Magazine in 2014. During her time at LOOK, Eliot wrote a web article, helped to direct photoshoots and dressed models for an annual catwalk show.

Her biggest role model is her mum, who is a senior picture editor and has worked for a number of industry leading media owners and publishers. Eliot would love to find an apprenticeship which encourages her innate creative skills. She’s highly skilled in a number of social media platforms, the Office packages and has basic-intermediate skills in the likes of InDesign and Photoshop.

In her spare time, Eliot loves snapping urban photography with her DSLR camera and spending time in the kitchen cooking her favourite cuisine, Japanese.

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