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Eliza Quinn
Eliza Quinn
I raise my words not my voice. it's rain that grows flowers not thunder. Creativity flowing down my spine. what could I do for your company, I wonder.

Eliza immediately lights up the room from the minute she enters it. Her confident personality shows that she is going to find her way into the creative industry.

Eliza is a natural team player with wonderful inter personal skills. From an early age she was a member of beaver, cubs and scouts, this is where she learnt the importance of team work, planning and using her own initiative. She gained leadership skills at Bushey Meads School when she was awarded the position of Sports Leader. At school she was passionate about sports, with running being her favourite.

Eliza adores fashion and photography. She studied photography for A level which gave her insight into using photoshop and Premier production. Her end goal and dream is to become a fashion photographer and design her own magazine. Although she knows its a hard career to pursue, she claims that she is an optimistic opportunist- She does not give up easily!

Eliza is well-spoken, charming and intelligent She has been offered unconditional offers from 5 different universities, but she feel that she is better suited to an apprenticeship position. Eliza would be an asset to any company.

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