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Emre Atli
Emre Atli
Marketing enthusiast trying to live the lavish life via digital media. Creative as fudge and a Top-notch editor ready to conquer the digital industry scene by scene. ACTION!​

Emre is a highly motivated and confident individual. His love of media began when he was inspired by meeting a film crew on holiday. Since then, he self taught himself on photoshop, final cut pro, indesign, SEO and After effects. He is now keen to keep up the momentum to learn and get involved in the creative and digital marketing industry.

He then worked for Creams Cafe in London where he worked for the marketing department. Here he was exposed to graphics, filming, editing adverts and creating promotional videos. The directors were impressed with him and His individual and innovative work was used in 50 branches. He was instrumental in promoting the company on social network sites and apps.

Emre is a well rounded individual, he loves football and is also a great team player. He is intelligent, confident and much of his skills are self taught. He would love the opportunity to work within a digital marketing company where he would be an asset.

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