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Jamal Dennison
Jamal Dennison
Skilful with a pen, pad and PC. Working and achieving is my desire, Photoshop, Illustrator, table tennis and music are my passion. Light my fire.

Jamal is quietly confident, an effective and clear communicator who is genuine and engaging in his approach. He completed his A Levels and went to college at the Leytonstone Business and Enterprise Specialist School. Jamal particularly enjoyed studying English Literature and is naturally adept with maths and working with numbers. Whilst he enjoys study - he feels his aptitude for learning is better suited to being in a hands on environment which is why he is pursuing an apprenticeship to further his skills and education.

Jamal works in a voluntary role for a company called Gaming for Adoption which was created to help raise money for families going through the adoption process. In his role he creates You Tube videos, manages their Social Media and assists with organisation and promotion of the business. He has also created logos and graphics for the company to use. Jamal is proficient in Camtasia, Elgato, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Unity 3D, Deviant Art and Buffer. He speaks basic French and is teaching himself to code in C# in his free time.

Jamal plays table tennis competitively and is actually ranked in the top 150 players in the United Kingdom – he gets his interest from his father who was ranked in the top 20 and played for Jamaica in the Commonwealth Games. Jamal has a genuine passion for the digital industry – particularly in gaming and in his spare time he develops ideas and designs for new console games. He also creates, shoots and edits videos for You Tube as a hobby. He would be well suited to an apprenticeship in Social Media Management, Social Media Content, Gaming or general Marketing.

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