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James O'Driscoll
James O'Driscoll
My passion for the industry is unmatched due to the doors i know could potentially be opened. #design. #marketing.

James is a highly confident, extremely well-presented and ambitious individual. Unhappy with being predicted C grades in his stats, James devoted a huge amount of time to his revision and worked solidly to achieve grades that were much higher than that. He also ensured that he completed his BTEC in a year (rather than 2 years) which, required a large amount of focus, organisation and willpower. From the age of 8, he boxed every day for 6 years, gaining the Jack Petchey award (in addition to an award in drama) due to his perseverance to the sport. An athletic team player, he also played football throughout school and completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. He has now finished boxing to focus solely on gaining an apprenticeship within the creative industry.

He has a sound understanding of social media platforms including Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube and Vine. He can use creative tools such as Dreamweaver and Publisher and is comfortable using both a Mac and PC.
His dream role would be to be the leader of a team of digital marketing specialists. He has the drive to succeed and see his work across multiple advertising platforms. At this stage, he’s open to exploring opportunities in client services, creative and project management to achieve this goal. He has been offered an apprenticeship at a large finance company and came down to the final 4 at a major Media agency for a digital marketer role, so I have no doubt he’ll be offered further opportunities. I would highly recommend James to any company looking to hire ambitious, creative and enthusiastic apprentices.

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