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Jordan Matondo
Jordan Matondo
At the start of every run I find a rhythm and finish the task at hand. I follow this method in everything that I apply myself to.

Jordan is a clearly creative and inquisitive mind who enjoys creating meaningful content as well a designing creative pieces as well as logos – which stems from his Art and Design background at college. He is well thought out and not one to make a snap judgement or an off the cuff statement – he likes to look at the information and data at hand before creating a response. Jordan also thrived on the practical element of school and really enjoyed Art and Design as well as Graphic Design. Jordan is a freelance graphic designer for a clothing brand and has been working on the design and branding side of the business as well as designing logos for them as well as other small businesses.

Jordan is a keen runner and formerly was part of a running club – now it is more of a hobby and makes sure he runs a number of times each week. He is competitive and has a keen interest in watching and participating in all sports. Adobe Suite, photoshop and indesign at an advanced level, After Effects at an intermediate level and a basic level of knowledge in HTML5 and coding.

Jordan is a do-oer who loves design and also bringing his ideas to life – be it from a technical perspective through coding or by getting involved in the visual side of design or marketing. He is clearly switched on and has a thought out methodical personality that will serve him well in analysing data and insight to create meaningful and impactful advertising for clients.

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