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Justin Torres
Justin Torres
The four E’s. An Easy going, Energetic Editor passionate about fitness and creating Engaging content and films!

Justin comes across as a smart, easy going and charismatic individual. Straight away when you meet Justin he you portrays his eagerness to start an apprenticeship to grow his skills. Justin has a strong academic background behind his friendly easy going demeanor achieving 10 GCSE’s graded A-C, as well as gaining 3 A-levels in Product Design, Psychology and Media Studies.

Justin's strong academic background is complimented by a work ethic to match. He worked continuously during studying for his A-Levels both at Forever 21 and currently part time Uniqlo. This has helped him develop excellent communication skills. His charisma and friendly personality make sure that customers have an effective and enjoyable experience with him.
He is also a freelance Filmmaker/Photographer. And possesses strong skills in Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Illustrator.

In combination with the many things Justin does to fill his time, he is also very into his own fitness attending the gym 4 times a week and playing other sports with friends. Additionally he is also an hardcore gamer and loves competing and playing with his friends on a variety of console games and PC games, demonstrating a competitive spirit. Filmmaking/editing and tech are his two passions and he constantly stays on top of upcoming tech and new things in the film industry.

In conclusion Justin is an all round team player, with a great self starter competitive attitude. He would be great in any creative or content marketing role.

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