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Karen Hettey
Karen Hettey
I am​ a creative Producer thats what I am and my role is to find beauty in the unknown, explore it and educate my audience.

When meeting Karen, I was instantly taken by her warmth and approachable nature. She is creative in a multitude of ways; from film making to cooking and is clearly a natural fit for this industry. Achieving her G.C.S.E’s and A-Levels, Karen then took on a foundation diploma in film, which she completed this year.

Like so many young adults, she didn’t feel that university was the right path for her and so she brings a strong education coupled with a desire to begin her career and get stuck into the practical application of what she has learned. In terms of her natural attributes, she is very organised and when working on a film production she had multiple responsibilities to ensure everything came together smoothly. This included location scouting and organising the actors to ensure everything ran to time. Karen is digitally focussed with a strong Adobe Premier knowledge as well as experience with Photoshop. Plugged into the social media sphere with the likes of Tumble and Instagram, she not only enjoys such platforms but absolutely sees their benefit in a commercial aspect.

Drawing out her natural interests and abilities in her conversation, Karen would be very well suited to an advertising/marketing role, working in client services or in digital design. The one thing that is certain from meeting her, is that whichever route Karen decides to take, she will do so with 100% determination and great success.

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