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Laura Reid
Laura Reid
"She's a good one she is," as yoda might say. Enthusiastic about photography, computers and craft projects, clothes for my teddys are a must. Hardworking, organised and willing to learn.

What is crucial to mention about Laura is that she clearly has a passion for and belongs in this industry. Having studied media during 6th form and at college, she achieved a triple distinction in the latter. Laura is very digitally focused and is a big user of multiple social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Something that I found really interesting is that she loves to sew. Laura explained that her brother is very sporty and often tears or rips his clothes and she likes to think of ways to repair them. To me this indicates two key traits; she has a natural inclination for problem solving and also that she is very detail orientated. When not repairing clothes, Laura regularly blogs about gaming - being a big fan herself - and also blogs about make up and fashion. As well as bringing a commercial online presence, Laura also offers a natural aptitude for technology, having fixed computers before and being adept at using Adobe.

From my time talking to Laura and understanding her key strengths, there are several areas that she could forge a strong career in given her ability and genuine interest. From her blogging it's clear she would be well suited to several social media roles as well as creating content and advertising and marketing. I'm convinced that Laura would be a focused and determined asset to any business.

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