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Luke Renforth
Luke Renforth
If it was life I had to dissect Trust, honesty, loyalty, the great effect And with the power of three You can be the fish at the top of the tree Across the world let's spread the word Let's use the social media platform with the bluebird

Luke is a self confessed creative mind who has lent his creativity to the production of music. He currently writes for an Indie band and has seen much of his music brought to life. He is comfortable at picking up new skills around his passions and has self taught a number of digital platforms that embrace his vision. Luke is more of a do-er rather than someone who will sit in a classroom and learn. He is all about his vision coming to life. Luke is most interested in being the ideas guy, the creative mind behind ideas and this is really backed up by his passions outside of work in the media and arts sector. He would love to work with social media where he already has a keen interest as well as good commercial understanding of a brands perception on social channels. In an ever evolving digital world, Luke’s hunger to want to learn and teach himself new skills will stand him in good stead.

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