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Michaela Chaplin
Michaela Chaplin
I'm at the start of my journey. Music and writing are what motivate me. I'm dedicated and committed to reaching my end destination.

Michaela is an enthusiastic and articulate individual who is currently studying English Literature, Film and Media A-Levels at college. She is looking to pursue a career in the digital industry and implement her personal and commercial experience within it. Outside of college, a big part of her time is spent travelling to see artists and music concerts and festivals, which she uses as an opportunity to meet new people she wouldn’t otherwise meet. Michaela is extremely creative in her writing, blogging about her experiences and creating reactions to these.

Alongside this, Michaela is experienced using various social media channels and manages them whilst doing so; she uses Instagram, Twitter (being a personal favourite), Snapchat and Facebook. She also likes to do some re-blogging using Pinterest and Tumblr. Michaela’s experience would fit brilliantly across Social Media, Creative, Client Services and Marketing. As well as being an involved and analytical individual, Michaela is capable in Serif software, created websites and editing photos. She comes across brilliantly and with her open mindedness, would be eager to put this experience into several digital roles.

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