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Munna Sherif
Munna Sherif
​A public figure and a social media Queen to over 11 thousand people. I feel the digital industry is one edit away from a movie and I’m the shot you need!

Munna is an outgoing, friendly and energetic individual whose passion is pursuing a career in the creative industry. Her love for media began when she studied Television and Film Production at Shooter Hill College. This is where she gained her skills on final cut pro X and photoshop. She was accepted to University of the Arts London but decided that an apprenticeship would suit her better.

After college she focused on posting her own videos on her Instagram which gained her a huge following. Through that, she was approached by numerous companies who asked her to direct, shoot, edit and write creative content for them. She was responsible for coordinating and executing the company’s social media strategy.

Munna now wants to step into a position that will offer her the ability to develop and grow her skills through learning within a company She is very hands on and innovative and loves to use her creativity. She would love the opportunity to work within a digital marketing company where she would be an asset.

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