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Nancy Hodges
Nancy Hodges
My creative eye is becoming increasingly experimental, not just with designing, but with my fashion and style. Behind media I intend to shine.

Nancy is a pleasure to speak to. From the first minute, you know that she knows where she wants to go and that she is going to find her way into the creative industry, no matter what!

Having gained 10 GCSE's and 2 A-Levels, Nancy developed a passion for photography and creative composition. She isn't just a Photoshop junkie though, Nancy uses, fabrics, glass, paint and all manner of more traditional 'art' styles to create her imagery. In addition, she has PremierPro skills too! It's clear that Nancy needs to be in a creative environment, that can work with her, to nurture her creative ambitions.

Looking beyond studies, Nancy went straight to work from A-Levels, wanting to develop a professional skill set to support her studies. So, since finishing her studies she has worked as a freelance Administration Assistant with a large construction and civil engineering practice. Naturally this is not her calling, but she does recognise the importance of remaining busy and developing skills (as well as earning a salary of course).

Nancy is best suited to a creative agency environment that can ideally both utilise her passion for creative, whilst an employer could also benefit from her strong administration skill set.

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