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Nicholas Beaven
Nicholas Beaven
​Are you ready for the next kick into your company? Bringing energy and commitment from a sharp and proactive mind. I strive to build and grow whatever process I am involved in.

Nicholas is a confident, engaging and enthusiastic individual. He is a high academic performer who decided that University wasn’t the route he wanted to pursue. An ‘A’ at maths GCSE proves his natural ability with numbers. He studied Chemistry, Biology and General Studies for his A Levels. He chose these subjects as he wanted to keep his options open.

Nicholas previously pursued an apprenticeship with Connected Retail Platform where he was a Quality Assurance Analyst. He worked in a team closely linked with clients to flag risk and issues about the product and its development process. Due to company arrangements he was made redundant so was not able to stay on.

He worked as a Music Journalist/ Magazine Editor for Guestlist. Here, he would manage the website, connections, edit and check content before it was released. From this, he gained experience in leadership, teamwork and using his own initiative.

In his spare time, he enjoys music, reading and writing. Nicholas’s academic background and strong communication skills would suit his chosen career path working in a media agency or media role.

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