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Omar Anderson
Omar Anderson
An individual, the social media stand out with thousands of followers and the passion to never stop growing in whatever I do.

Omar is a social media guru who understands how to us multiple social channels, to increase amplification and amass followers. One of his many projects was taking a YouTube channel from zero to 8,000 subscribers in the space of 2 months.

He’s a competitive individual who enjoys a challenge - taking a bet of with his friends to who can get from zero to 500 followers on Instagram first. Not only did he win hands down, he went onto 7,000+ followers! Omar is also a keen sports man, a rowing champ and recent calisthenics athlete. He’s also a creative young man, playing both the harp and guitar.

Omar understands the commercial aspect of social media having used Facebook advertising to increase his engagement. He also enjoys using the analytics of functions of all his social channels to optimise his posting and process.

An all-round tech enthusiast, with an ambition to work as a digital marketer. Omar would perfectly into a social, PPC/SEO or marketing exec position.

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