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Patrick Moseley
Patrick Moseley
Writer. Photographer. Gamer. Eager to kick-start my career in the digital industry. I put 110% into my work and I never rage quit.

Patrick is a highly accomplished and well rounded candidate. He studied Computer Game Technology at Portsmouth University. Like many others he decided that it was not the right path for him to pursue.

Patrick gained interest in the Media industry from attending a 5 day programme called “Get Started with Digital Media” which is funded by The Princes Trust Team Programme. From this, he learnt all aspects of the industry. He then pursued a 3 month course with a different programme also funded by The Princes Trust Team called Syon Publishing. Here, he was the Editorial Assistant. From this, he was taught how to use Premier Pro, Illustrator and SEO.

He is a keen photographer and enjoys editing his photos and uploading them to his social sites. He is also an aspiring writer and has written multiple stories. He would like to step into a position that will offer the the ability to develop and grow his skills. He would be an asset within a Creative Content or analytics position.

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