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Philippa C Browne
Philippa C Browne
If the offside rule was created by a woman, that woman would have been me. I write and create with technical flair, as good as Ronaldo’s. The Fat Ronaldo.

Philippa’s passion for social media started for her over five years ago on Blackberry messenger. This rapidly grew into where she stands today, a holistic knowledge of social media who also has an ability for creative writing.

She’s currently working for Arsenal Fan TV in freelance/part time position, Philippa is now looking to move into a permanent position where he can build her expertise and career. At Arsenal Fan TV Philippa has a broad remit as a social media contributor and presenter. She’s responsible for the daily management of all their social channels, this includes creating the photo and video content. Since working for them she’s helped them gain over 270k subscribers. In addition to the daily tactical delivery Philippa has been responsible for setting the strategy and content plan at the start of the season. She’ll naturally take into consideration; leagues, home/away fixtures along any other major events to build into the annual plan.

In her personal time Philippa has been building her own YouTube channel, of course around football - this is a platform for wider football news. As you would expect she has used multiple CMS systems, such as Wordpress etc… She also writes her own blog on life experiences.

I was deeply impressed with Philippa’s work ethic and desire to succeed within her chosen field. Without a doubt, she give 110% to whoever give her an opportunity.

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