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Riley Moseley
Riley Moseley
Gaming guru, pragmatic, motivated and assertive individual. Digital industry is the last platinum trophy I need!

When meeting Riley, I was instantly impressed by his approachable, friendly and confident manner. He is an inspiring individual who moved from South Africa where he studied Law to London in order to pursue his career in the marketing industry.

Riley’s interest in media began when he worked for TAP-it. Here, he would install formulated programmes that would allow protected digital networks to communicate between manufacturers and suppliers. This gave him an insight to the programmatic sector.

Riley’s main interest lies within ‘Paid Search’. Here, he decided to do a home course where he could develop his skills and knowledge. From this, he gained qualifications in PPC, Adwords, Tags and Analytics. He is currently completing a Social Media Advertising Course covering PPC ads on all social media platforms.

Riley is a well rounded individual, having achieved fantastic grades in both Maths and English. In his spare time the likes to pay Golf, Squash and Badminton. He is easy going and is determined to get involved in a company offering PPC, Paid Search and Adwords. He would be a great asset to any company.

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