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Robert Stevens
Robert Stevens
Keen, creative, and an eye for detail for a huge passion for mixing music.

Robert is a driven and hard working apprentice to be. Having already worked for a marketing agency, represented the South of England as a windsurfer and worked as a freelance videographer, he is a natural choice for those looking for someone that will apply himself (and then some)

Right now he is looking to push his career forwards and wants to focus within the creative and marketing space. Despite the fact that he already has commercial experience, Robert wants to broaden his skill set. In his most recent role at WPL he had a wide remit of responsibility; managing all their client’s social channels, uploading content to e-commerce platforms and managing and creating photo/video shoots.

Robert has shown initiative over his career so far. He has shown drive. He goes the extra mile. A young man who clearly has plenty of direction and focus. He is also very affable and engaging. We feel that he would suit a marketing department, as a Marketing Executive or Account Manager across any industry sector. For Robert it is all about growing his experience base and skills. He will be committed and work hard. Notably for us, his adaptability means that he can add more value than some others, because he can plan, prioritise, organise, create, distribute, manage and complete. Attributes will assist him in any Marketing or Account Manager apprenticeship.

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