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Rutendo Tichiwangani
Rutendo Tichiwangani
A socialite who uses social media to socialise, network, create and maintain relationships. I am everything social.

Rutendo is responsible, charismatic, engaging and communicatively articulate with a passion for fashion, film and influencer marketing. She studied Business, Photography and English at A Level following completion of her GCSE’s. She has a body of work from her work exposure with ConceptFour and Classic Corporate, for whom she works on a part time basis. Her experience is focussed on amplification of the brands she works for, in addition to working to develop relationships with clients and influence narrative.

Additionally, Rutendo is an accomplished YouTube Blogger, amassing 3000 followers and 300 subscribers in only two months, whilst she has a solid understanding of social cross pollination, utilising her Instagram account to amplify her YouTube channel. She is well versed in iMovie, Office suite, as well as Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, SnapChat and Instagram. Rutendo best suits a creative production, community management, or social amplification position.

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