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Sajunan Satgunarajah
Sajunan Satgunarajah
They say sacré bleu when they see me, they call me David Guetta when they hear me, I'm a instaholic who leaves a print in the digital world.

Sajunan was lovely to meet – he speaks fluent French and Tamil and has a keen interest in music technology. Once a week he has music sessions with his friends where they work on some original music as well as covers, uploading these onto Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

At college he earned a distinction in Music and Creative Media and spent time at East London Music Academy. One day would love to run his own record label!
At school he did work experience as a music tutor for 2 weeks, organising lessons and teaching other kids, for which he received an excellent report.

Sajunan is confident with software such as Final Cut Pro which he has used since school; he taught himself the basics on Photoshop, and also uses music software tools Logic Pro X and Protool.

As well as editing videos and producing music, he loves to drive and fix up cars, and is looking to get his bike license very soon. Sajunan is a quietly confident individual who shows great potential and will excel in a role where his hands on technical skills can be put to good use.

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