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Shaan Bharkar
Shaan Bharkar
I have always had a passion for creativity. From adverts, movies and music. I would like to understand and learn more within Digital Marketing so I can add my own ideas and pursue future ambitions.

Shaan is a well read, movie buff, interested in migrating from business admin into the digital industry. His analytical nature was intriguing, discovering that in his free time Shaan keeps up to date with everything, through reading and sparking up debates with his friends. Following GCSE, Shaan enrolled himself on a NBQ Apprenticeship in Business Administration, subsequently being offered a job with the company.

Although Shaan hasn’t gained any digital experience commercially, he follows newspapers and magazines on social media and often gets involved in conversations on various topics they post about. Shaan also presents a creative flare, making his own posters and posting photos on his social media that are sometimes edited using Photoshop. He has some experience using CRM’s, but has an eagerness to gain more experience in digital activities.

His hobbies include going to the movies, playing football with his friends and keeping up to date, through reading articles and blogs, on anything new. Shaan also watches online and youtube tutorials to teach himself how to do do new things, particularly to do with technology. He loves reading about the latest movie coming out, gaining inside knowledge about the characters, the plots and comparisons to other movies.

He expressed a great interest in advertising and loves how various different departments within an agency all work together to create one final outcome. I think that Shaan would be perfect for analytical, research and data sifting roles where he can utilise his skills.

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