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Shadeed Khodabux
Shadeed Khodabux
​I believe in your ideas as if they were my own, passion and determination empowers me to strive for perfection, I create wants and needs, I believe in a digital future.

Shadeed is an exuberant creative mind who is clearly enthused about making his mark in the creative industry. He has a passion for designing apps and finding new ways to challenge perception. He comes to life when talking about tech and computers. He loves computers and regularly takes them apart to fix them. Shadeed is at his best when coming up with the ideas – he loves to be thought provoking and has racked up hundreds of Instagram followers as a result. Shaheed is the first to admit that traditional school room style education is not for him. This does not mean he got particularly bad marks, however he is much more comfortable when his creative juices are flowing.

Shaheed creates apps in his spare time and is in the process of seeing two of those come to life. His hobbies are very much intertwined with where he wants to be and that is being creative – at the moment much of that is via social platforms as well as designing apps.

Adobe, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe After effects and Photoshop he has learned to an intermediate level, he also has some basic experience of Java coding. Shadeed is your energy, passion and ideas guy – his love for what he does is contagious and he clearly has a creative eye whilst the commercial awareness to spot gaps in the market. He would be well suited in an environment that allows him to create and be the big ideas guy. His dream job would be creating apps full time.

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