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Tia-Elise Cassidy
Tia-Elise Cassidy
A bubbly brunette wanting to dive into the pool of digital marketing! Creativity is my middle name and a career in digital media is my aim.

Tia-Elise is an energetic, sociable and motivated young lady whose passion is pursuing a career in the creative industry. In her spare time she enjoys visiting art galleries and museums which influence her creative design and exposes her to different artistic genre.

Tia-Elise studied media at A level and became involved in creating a magazine. Through this opportunity she developed skills using photoshop and illustrator.

Tia-Elise is currently working as a Stylist at All Saints. This has provided her with experience in marketing a product and given her the opportunity to learn about visual merchandising and how important this is to attract the right customers.

Tia -Elise would like to pursue a career within the advertising industry where she could have the opportunity to work on the advertising and marketing pitches. Her enthusiasm and dedication would be an assets to any company.

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