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Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy
creativity in games has inspired me to pursue my passion in creative content.

Thomas is a well spoken technically minded individual with creative flair and a passion for the digital industry. Having recently completed A Levels in Information Technology and Sport (earning distinctions in both) he is eager to pursue an apprenticeship that will allow him to build on his skills in the digital space. Passionate about technology he is particularly interested in the impact that smartphone technology has on both our personal and professional lives.

In his spare time Thomas likes to keep fit and is a keen runner. He has taught himself how to code using Coding Academy and enjoys the challenge in understanding code and how it functions – he has an understanding of HTML, CSS and Java Script. He also enjoys 3D Modelling and is confident using 3DS Max. Travel is his other passion and he would love to pursue a career that would allow him to combine his interest in digital and travel. Thomas is a regular user of Social Media regularly using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. He is proficient in MS Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max and Dreamweaver.

At high school he was elected as a Prefect and Peer Mediator and demonstrated natural abilities to lead and mentor. He comes across as quietly confident, thoughtful in his approach and intelligent in his ability to communicate. He is interested in Content Creation, coming up with Creative ideas for Advertising campaigns, Client Services, Project Management, Media Planning and Data and Digital Analytics. Due to his mix of creative and technical skills he would be well suited as a Project Manager as he is methodical in his approach and has a genuine interest understanding how to best utilise current and up and coming technology.

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