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Valentino Blerim Hasani
Valentino Blerim Hasani
I'm an ambitious entrepreneur who will be successful in the digital industry. I will achieve this through my determination and willingness to be the best I can be.

Valentino is one of a kind! He is hugely entrepreneurial and ‘salesy’, and able to engage with anyone due to his natural confidence and positive demeanour. He is highly proactive as an individual and is a self taught coder.

Having completed his GCSE’s in 2012, Valentino has since held a variety of roles before deciding he wants to secure a digital apprenticeship, mainly sales and automotive based, due to his natural outgoing personality and deep rooted passion for cars.

There are several examples that highlight his entrepreneurial flair. When he was 15 he dismantled some 2nd hand PC’s and sold the parts for profit. For almost 2 years he was a self employed stocks and shares broker. And most importantly; he currently sources client referrals for a car modification garage ‘Ferraghini’ through his automotive themed Instagram! This still yields him an income, and is impressive to see the merging of his passion, social media and revenue generation all at once.

He is interested in an apprenticeship in any area that isn’t data/strategy focused, as he loves everything about digital and marketing. Social media or client services would make the most sense based on his proven experience to date.

He is definitely a better verbal than written communicator, and openly prefers fact to face interaction. He considers himself to be an organised and creative problem solver.

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