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Yvonne Hategeka
Yvonne Hategeka
Cheeky, daring, funny, bubbly. You can't really miss me I smile like a Cheshire cat. I am the opener ​to your day, the finisher to your problems. A revolutionary Tech nerd.

Initially a little on the reticent side, Yvonne has some fantastic traits which are unearthed the further the conversation flows. Yvonne picked up 8 GCSEs at college, with English Language being her preferred subject, before deciding not to pursue further education. Yvonne is instead looking for an apprenticeship to balance the level of ‘on-the-job’ and classroom training in the digital world, which she is highly passionate about.

Yvonne has an insatiable appetite for learning – when her laptop broke, she decided to buy a book and teach herself how to fix it, which she duly did. She’s also developed an online game involving a lost dog trying to find it’s way home. Yvonne would self confess to struggling a little on the mathematical side, but rather than deter her she embraces a challenge and self taught her coding ability until she was happy with the game’s functionality.
In her personal time, Yvonne loves her sport (she’s an avid Gooner!) and spends much of her time reading books, from George Orwell to J.K. Rowling.

She’s helped launch a YouTube channel for her friend who has thousands of followers on Instagram on make up tutorials and would love to utilise her passion and knowledge for all things technical in a creative environment.

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