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Zayyad Lawanson
Zayyad Lawanson
​Always looking ahead to see the world and open new chapters in the life the big man gave me. Always looking for more, always looking for the good in people and always looking towards my future.

Zayyad is a lovely guy with a positive approach towards life. He comes across extremely ambitious and will succeed in anything once he sets his mind to it.

Zayyad left school with 8 GCSE’s and went on to do a Diploma in Art and Design where he got the chance to learn about fashion, photography, textile and fine arts. He has a real eye for creativity and he’s passionate about photography which led him to become a freelance photographer/videographer. He uses Twitter and Instagram to promote his photography and videography. He has a sound knowledge of Photshop, Premier Pro, Lightroom and has a basic understanding of After Effects.

Zayyad would do extremely well in advertising and marketing, client services and general marketing.

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