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Julian Hirst
Julian Hirst

A design and innovation leader, Julian has more than 15 years’ experience working with (and for) sophisticated organisations that invest in service design and digital engagement.

At Tribal Worldwide, Julian works closely with Tom Roberts and his leadership team to ensure that growth remains at the forefront of Tribal’s strategy, and to bring focus and discipline to the process of driving profitable growth across the organisation in sustainable and repeatable ways.

In a career spanning nearly two decades, Julian has worked client-side and agency-side in the UK, France, and the US. Prior to joining Tribal, Julianheld positions as Managing Director and CEO of two top-tier digital consultancies, building high-performance international organisations, and leading teams of consultants, designers and technologists to deliver integrated change, to grow profitable client relationships at the highest level, and to help clients focus on digital transformation that is core to their business.

As a Director on the Board of the British Interactive Media Association, and a Patron of Digital Futures, Julian works hard to support new talent entering the marketplace - the “enablers” of our new world economy. This includes speaking in schools, universities, teaching in education programmes, and mentoring students and professionals.

In 2013, Julian co-founded a boutique strategic consultancy in Marseille, to support entrepreneurship and innovation in large and small businesses in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Initiatives include a recent project with The World Bank to drive economic growth in Maghreb (Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria) through engagement with its diaspora.

Julian is also non-executive advisor to a number of business in the UK and France, and sits on the Board of the Do-It Trust, an award winning digital social enterprise that promotes and enables social action through, the UK’s first and largest digital volunteering service.

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