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Is your son or daughter passionate about the digital world? As the fastest growing industry in the UK, we don't blame them. At Digital Futures we're here to provide a way to gain relevant, up-to-date skills so that they can jump head first into a career.

As an alternative to going to university, this way of learning will ensure they get a head start without the debt. And according to ICM Research, employers in England rate qualified higher apprentices as 25% more employable than those who took an alternative route into work!

We'll provide the support needed every step of the way and they'll end up with a

Higher Level qualification. So If you want to find out more about how we can help your son or daughter jump into an apprenticeship then contact us today.


Do you want to encourage a new alternative to higher education for your students? An apprenticeship could just be the thing that you're looking for. The digital industry is ever-changing and what businesses need are employees that have up-to-date skills. The problem is, these skills are not taught in the classroom, but in the workplace.

That's why Digital Futures offers apprenticeships for students that are passionate, driven, committed and interested in the digital world. The apprentice will work for 12 months, while learning, and end up with a Higher Level qualification at the end.

We want to open up opportunities for all students, and help significantly narrow the skills gap so that students are far more employable. Contact us today to find out more.

our vision

The reason we started Digital Futures is because we saw a disconnect with what students were being taught, compared to the skills they needed to get a job in the digital industry.

We want to connect apprentices with innovative digital businesses so that they can build relevant experience and gain expert knowledge, without having to rack up debt at university.

By taking bright young talent with a passion for all things digital, business owners can train them in the skills that they want, helping to bridge the rather large gap between education and the digital industry.

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Our patrons are truly behind the cause of Digital Futures. The reason that they wanted to support us is because we're changing the face of education for the better. By giving our apprentices the real experience that they need to put their skills into practice, we can transform the future for young people and the digital industry. And our patrons are happy to stand behind that.

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